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History / Award records

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Company history

  • 2001~2002
  • 2003~2009
  • 2010~2013
  • 2014~2019
  • 2020~


Esteblished the E&E company

Moved into Korea Techno-Venture Foundation in KIST

Certified as Technology Assesment Excellent Company by KIST

Esteblished the company R&D center

Selected as the next generation core evironment technology
development project
(Ministry of Environment : Applied system using Brown Gas)

5th National Venture Award


Completed developing large capacity Brown Gas generator(300m3/h) for the
first time in the world and exported to Japan

Selected as an export company project
(Small and Medium Business Administration)

Selected as a technical innovation development business(INNO-BIZ)
(Small and Medium Business Administration)

Exported bottom ash(5ton/day) melting system using Brown Gas

1 Million Dollar Export Tower / Prime Minister Award for Export Merit

Awarded by the Minister of Environment (First export performance of
next-generation core environmental technology: melting system)


Newly construction and re-location of the main office and factory

Selected as a superior technology company
(Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)

Selected as a next-generation core environmental technology development
project by the Ministry of Environment
(For the treatment of flame retardant and non-combustible wastes using
Brown Gas integral high temperature incineration melting system)

Presidential Award at the 6th Environmental Technology Awards, 2003

Selected as a new knowledge men of small and medium-sized business
(CEO Jangsoo Hyun), 2003

New Knowledge men Award
(Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)


Supplied cutting equipments using Brown Gas to POSCO


Exported hot wind facility using Brown Gas to Japan


Selected as the excellent company of global corporate Japanese consulting
support project

Selected as new technology support project by Gyeong-gi Credit Guarantee

Supplied VOCs and bad smell incinerating facility using
Brown Gas to MJT Co. Ltd.


Supplied cutting equipment using Brown Gas to SEAH Special Steel Co. Ltd.

Exported to Japan without discharge equipment by incineration of
240 tons / day wastewater using Brown Gas


Selected as a support project for voluntary agreement of environmentally
specialized export companies
(Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute)

Selected as the next generation eco-innovation development project
(Ministry of Environment: Waste silicon recycling technology using Brown Gas)

Received the 6th 2011 Korea Eco-Friendly Grand Prize, Environment and Labor Chairperson


Exported cutting facilities using Brown Gas to Ilshin Steel in Japan

Delivered HEVEN Funeral furnace to Indonesia as a crematorium using
Brown Gas

Delivered cutting equipment using Brown Gas to SeAH Besteel Co., Ltd.


Exported cutting facilities using Brown Gas to Japanese Taiyo machinery


Supplied Japanese Taiyo machine to polysilicon recycling device using
Brown Gas

Awarded IR52 Jang Young-sil Award in the 50th week of 2014


Empirical study of 1.2 ton/day pilot facility using Brown Gas to regenerate
bottom ash into mineral wool


Exported mineral wool regeneration pilot facility using Brown Gas to China


Awarded IR52 Jang Young-sil Award in the 33th week of 2019

Signed technology development and business agreement with People's Daily
of China


Joint stock company established in local China (E&E Shanghai)


Contract with WangNeng Environment group China for 70Ton/24h fly ash melting system using brown gas

Cutting system using brown gas exported to BaoSan Steel China

Capital increased

Appointed as Co-CEO each with full rights to decision making (Hyun Jang Soo, Jung Yang Sook)

Trade day "Export Tower $5 million USD achievement award in 2022"

Award records

COMPANY : E&E     CEO : HYUN JANG SOO, YANGSOOK JUNG     TEL : +82 31 354 0670     FAX : +82 31 354 3690

E-MAIL : ene06700690@daum.net     ADDRESS : 599, 3.1manse-ro, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Zip code : 18578