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Definition and features

What's Brown Gas?

When water is electrolyzed, the nagative pole generates hydrogen, the positive pole generates oxygen, and the third gas which is compound of hydrogen and oxygen is genetated in between the two poles and this is callde Brown Gas.

Brown Gas Features

  • Economics

    High-efficiency energy that can heat
    refractories to 1900 ℃ or more within
    3 seconds

    1N㎥/h 3.9KW / h power consumption
    when producing brown gas

  • Environmental

    It is composed of only hydrogen and
    oxygen, so when it burns itself, harmful
    pollutants such as CO2 and dioxin SOx
    Clean energy that does not occur

  • Safety

    It is used at a low pressure of less than
    0.3 atm and has no separate gas storage
    tank, so it has excellent safety.

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