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Brown gas generator

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Brown Gas Generator

Brown Gas generator model & specification table

Model Name NERW-9.2K NERD-23K NER-43K NER-172K NER-215K
Consumption Power 18KWh 45KWh 84KWh 335KWh 419KWh
Gas Volume 4.6N㎥/h 12N㎥/h 22N㎥/h 86N㎥/h 108N㎥/h
Control Part 920x1550x1900
(Integral Type)
1000x1100x1800 1000x1100x1800 2200x1100x1800 2200x1100x1800
Gas Generator Part 550x1850x1840 550x2400x1840 (550x2400x1840)x4 (550x2400x1840)x5
Cooling Method Air cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling

Competitive advantage and differentiation of E&E'
Brown Gas generator manufacturing technology

1) E & E is the only company in the world that has a large-capacity Brown Gas generator manufacturing technology that can be used as an
    industrial energy source and has a record of using it.

   - Since other companies use a mixture of Brown Gas with expensive and highly volatile substances, high-temperature combustion, which is the best
     advantage of brown gas, is difficult, and the combustion speed is slower, so combustion efficiency is reduced and
     economic efficiency and environment are poor.

2) E&E possesses technology for manufacturing backfire prevention devices for Brown Gas only.
   - Other companies' backfire prevention device, so called water tank, stops continuous operation when backfire occurs, but E&E's Brown
     Gas exclusive backfire prevention device detects backfire when backfire occurs and automatically removes it and possible to operate continuously.

Performance & characteristics evaluation items Domestic and world level E&E
Maximum Brown Gas generation capacity below 10㎥/h Infinity
Stability of gas generator Insufficient work stability due to flame fluctuation
because of inconsistent gas generation
Excellent work safety due to
constant generation
Electricity consumption in gas production 4.5~6 KWh/㎥ below 3.9 KWh/㎥
Flash back arrestor Since the backfire cannot be completely removed,
the gas generator is damaged, so continuous operation is impossible.
→ One operator is required for one generator
As a mechanical device, the backfire is
completely removed to work continuously
Annual maintenance cost 25 ~ 33% of Brown Gas generator price 1.5 ~ 3% of Brown Gas generator price
Endurance years below 3 years over 20 years
Remote monitoring system Nothing Rapid maintenance response with remote monitoring device

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