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Infectious & Industrial waste incinerating equipments

Infectious & Industrial waste incineration and
melting one body system by using Brown Gas

Infectious waste is incinerated at a high temperature in an incinerator of 850 ~ 950ºC, and the bottom ash generated at this time is melted in a melting furnace (1,350 ~ 1,500ºC) with fly ash in a high temperature state without cooling, and the exhaust gas generated during incineration and melting is combusted in the secondary combustion chamber (1,100ºC), so that secondary pollution such as soot, odor, etc. are not occured. This is one body system.

Ministry of Environment :
The next generation core environmental
technology development project

[Rotary Kiln Incinerator] See Viedo

[22nd combustion chamber/
Water quench tower/
wet scrubber]

[Bag filter]

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