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Waste melting & recycling equipments

■ Principle of Brown Gas fusion melting method

Waste mineral fiber, waste glass fiber, molten slag, and silicon (Si) which is the main component of incineration ash (Bottom ash, Fly ash) are not more effective than iron and aluminum.
The part where the Brown Gas flame does not reach is not heat-transfer well, so it takes more time and energy than melting iron and aluminum. Energy is wasted.
To solve this, the Brown Gas fusion melting method uses Brown Gas at the center of the large crucible, and the electric heater is used as an auxiliary energy on the side where heat is not easily transferred. Heat is transmitted quickly and evenly to melt the incineration ash to the minimum energy.
The molten slag can be recycled as a raw material of mineral fiber, glass fiber, road base material or aggregate.

■ Advantages of Brown Gas fusion melting equipment

1) Equipment cost is cheaper than other melting facilities
2) Low fuel cost due to high melting efficiency
3) Compact installation area
4) No pre-treatment of waste required for melting (crushing, sintering, drying, etc.)
5) Operation is convenient because it can be operated only when needed without driving continuously for 24 hours / day
6) Maintenance cost is cheaper than other melting facilities due to the small and simple facilities and simple processing process.

■ Proven technology by exporting Brown Gas type melting facilities

- Incineration ash melting facility in incinerator: export to Japan
- Metal silicon(Si) recycling facility: export to Japan
- Coal ash mineral wool recycling facility: export to China

Side surface melting facility configuration

Side surface melting facility by using Brown Gas

When harmful incineration ash (floor ash, fly ash) generated in the incineration plant is melted at 1,350 ~ 1,550ºC using brown gas, which is a clean fuel, dioxins are completely destroyed and harmful heavy metals are safed and recycled with aggregates which is able to extend the life of the landfill.

  • Ministry of Environment :
    The next generation core environmental technology development project
    E&E R&D CENTER(5ton/day x 2 set)

  • Delivery Records

    Customer Contents Brown Gas Model Year
    MCLE co. / Japan 1ton/day
    Bottom ash melting system
    ER-60K 2001.06
    ZET co. / Japan 5ton/day
    Bottom ash melting system
    ES-300K 2002.03
    Kifuhashima incineration plant / Japan 5ton/day
    Bottom ash melting system
    ES-300K 2002.10

  • [Kifuhashima incineration plant]

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  • [Process of melting furnace installation]

  • [Ignition ceremony]

    Coal ash mineral wool recycling facility

    Coal power plant bottom ash is melted with Brown Gas and recycled as mineral wool used as an expensive non-combustible insulation material. Cost-economic and eco-friendly recycling new technology

    [Expected effects of the power plant when the coal ash mineral wool recycling facility is directly connected to the bottom of the boiler]

  • ⇒ Zeroing of fine dust scattering prevention cost
        - Sprinkle water to prevent scattering of the bottom ash from the landfill
    ⇒ Zero maintenance cost for bottom ash treatment system
        - Maintenance service cost, landfill management cost, transfer facility repair cost, etc.
    ⇒ Coal power plant site area reduced by approximately 50%
    ⇒ Reduced construction cost of coal power plants by simplifying the bottom ash treatment system

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  • Project name Product name Year
    Korea Western Power Plant co. Ltd. 1.2ton/day
    Coal ash mineral wool recycling equipment
    China Hua-sheng Re Li Power Plant. 1.3ton/day
    Coal ash mineral wool recycling equipment

Exported to China Hua-sheng Re Li Power Plant.(2018.11),
2Received the IR52 Jang Young-sil Award in Korea(2018)

[Brown Gas type bottom ash mineral wool production facility and production process installed in Korea
Westerm Power Plant co. Ltd. (Up) and China Hua-sheng Re Li Power Plant. (Down)]

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