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Green technology, Globalizaton of technology, Transparency of management

Leading technological strength and know-how!
A company extending th the world, E&E Co. Ltd., will lead it

We sincerely thank everyone who visited our E&E's homepage. In 2001, this company was launched under the mission of E&E(Energy & Environment) to develop eco-friendly and economical renewable energy to help the withering environment.

In 2001, the beginning of the new 21st century, E & E Co. Ltd. was established representing the world's leading company. E & E Co. Ltd. developed the world's first large-capacity Brown Gas generator and started exporting it to overseas, and developed eco-friendly Brown Gas into the environment industry to develop and export incinerator ash recycling and resource recycling type melting furnaces.
In addition, by participating in the next-generation core environmental technology development research project of the Ministry of Environment, we are devoting ourselves to the development of multi-functional core technologies for diversifying businesses such as flame retardant waste treatment technology and Brown Gas boilers.
Since the founding, until now, all employees have been running without fear of challenge and overcoming by seeking ceaseless technological development and innovative changes, such as saying, 'There is no moss on the rolling stone.'

Based on the know-how accumulated over the past time, we combine Brown Gas, a hydrogen energy, into various industries that reduce fuel and global greenhouse gas. In particular, we are an eco-friendly company that saves the environment by turning waste into good, transparent and clean management. We will be an influential company.

Thank you very much.

E&E CEO : Jangsoo Hyun,Yangsook Jung

COMPANY : E&E     CEO : HYUN JANG SOO, YANGSOOK JUNG     TEL : +82 31 354 0670     FAX : +82 31 354 3690

E-MAIL :     ADDRESS : 599, 3.1manse-ro, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Zip code : 18578