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  • Brown Gas generator

    When water is electrolyzed, the nagative pole generates hydrogen, the positive pole generates oxygen, and the third gas which is compound of hydrogen and oxygen is genetated in between the two poles and this is callde Brown Gas.

    ■ Specification table about Brown Gas Generator

    ■ Whether to use mixedly with other fuels

    ■ Difference between E&E products and other products

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  • Cutting equipments

    By replacing Brown Gas instead of cutting fuel (LNG + preheated oxygen), it improves the cutting speed and the cutting width (Loss) to significantly reduce dust, thereby improving the environment and reducing costs.

    ■ Delivery performances

    ■ Environmental features

    ■ Economic features

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  • Waste melting & Recycling equipments

    When harmful incineration ash (bottom ash, fly ash) generated in the incineration plant is melted at 1,350 ~ 1,550ºC using brown gas, which is a clean fuel, dioxins are completely destroyed and harmful heavy metals are safed and recycled with aggregates which is able to extend the life of the landfill.

    ■ The next generation core environmental
         technology development project (Ministry of Environment)

    ■ Waste asbestos melting treatment cost and landfill cost

    ■ Economic analysis of melting process of 10 tons / day of
         flying waste asbestos

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  • Waste asbestos melting equipments

    In order to prevent the scattering of asbestos fibers harmful to the lungs, etc., it is made by melting the asbestos fibers at a temperature of 1,500ºC or more by using brown gas.

    ■ The next generation core environmental technology
         development project(Ministry of Environment)

    ■ Delivery performances

    ■ Side surface melting system diagram

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  • Infectious & Industrial waste incinerating equipments

    Infectious waste is incinerated at a high temperature in an incinerator of 850 ~ 950ºC, and the bottom ash generated at this time is melted in a melting furnace (1,350 ~ 1,500ºC) with fly ash in a high temperature state without cooling, and the exhaust gas generated during incineration and melting is combusted in the secondary combustion chamber (1,100ºC), so that secondary pollution such as soot, odor, etc. are not occured.

    ■ The next generation core environmental
         technology development project (Ministry of Environment)

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  • Mixed combustion equipments

    It is a mixture of fossil fuel and brown gas, and incinerates incombustible industrial wastes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and odors at 800ºC or more to reduce fuel consumption and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (CO₂, NOx, etc.).

    ■ Flame comparison

    ■ Delivery performances

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